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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Fall Estimated Budget Sheet for Quito: Latino Schools.

Fall Estimated Budget Sheet for Quito: Latino Schools
Fall Estimated Budget Sheet for Quito: Latino Schools
Budget Item Direct Programs
NMSU In-State Tuition - Spanish Intensive Language Graded Credit *   $1,275.00
NMSU International Health Insurance (3 months - subject to change) *   $185.40
Billable subtotal:  $1,460.40
Direct Program Fee   $4,800.00
Housing - Estimated   $0.00
Meals - Estimated   $1,000.00
International Round Trip Airfare - Estimated   $1,200.00
Domestic travel and local transportation - Estimated   $100.00
Passport and Photos - Estimated   $175.00
Direct Program Application Fee   $150.00
Education Abroad Certificate of Health Evaluation   $27.00
Visa, Residence Permit, & Immigration Fees - Estimated   $130.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $7,582.00
Total: $9,042.40

Note: The above cost information for this program is valid for Fall 2024 only.

Students are encouraged to consult this document on a regular basis as it is frequently updated with the most current cost information and billing information available. Students should plan for personal expenses according to their spending habits.

Tuition and Program Fee

The budget is estimated for a 10-week intensive language program of 15 credits. Dates, number of weeks and credits can be customized to each student's needs in 2-week (3 credits) or 4-week (4 credits) increments.
  • NMSU tuition: $85/credit
  • Direct Program Fee: $480/week
    • Includes homestay with 2 meals per day
  • Meals: Extra meals not included ~$10 per day
  • Insurance: $60.00/month
NMSU graded credit tuition applies for the following courses: SPAN 1110,1120, 2110, 2120, 305, 325, and 590 

Talk with an Education Abroad Advisor for more information.

Scholarships are available! Visit the Education Abroad Scholarship website for more information.

Program Withdraw/Refund Guidelines

Students who commit to a program will be charged a non-refundable and non-transferrable NMSU Education Abroad Fee Placement Fee. For any fees paid to the program provider or host institution, students will receive a refund according to policies set by the program provider or host institution. Any adjustment of tuition charges will be made according to the NMSU University Accounts Receivable Withdraw Policy.
* Billable to NMSU Student Account