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International and Border Programs

Office of Education Abroad
What is Study Abroad?

Simply defined, Study Abroad is a program in which students attend school in a country outside the United States and receive academic credit toward their major. At New Mexico State University we offer five types of study abroad programs:

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are among the most popular option for students interested in study abroad. NMSU students pay in-state tuition to attend any of our exchange institutions worldwide. Currently, New Mexico State University has exchange partners in nearly 60 countries with a majority of our programs instructed in English. With so many options for student exchange, we’re sure to have a program that fits your academic, personal and financial needs.

Direct Study Abroad Programs

IFSA Butler, ISA and USAC (just to name a few) provide hundreds of study abroad opportunities ranging from semester and academic year exchanges, summer programs and faculty-led options. Participants do not pay NMSU tuition; instead, students pay fees established by the direct program provider. The program fee includes the cost of the program and may include additional costs such as housing, meals, support staff, excursions, airport pick-up, insurance and orientations.

Intensive Language Programs

Students that participate in an intensive language program pay a reduced tuition fee to NMSU, plus the cost of instruction and often room and board to the language school. The courses are recorded as NMSU courses with letter grades that count in the student's GPA. The Department of Languages and Linguistics has partnered with intensive language institutes that provide opportunities to study languages taught at NMSU. Students contract with the Department to receive credit based on the following formula: 100 hours instruction = 4 credits @ 100 level (beginner); 50 hours instruction = 3 credits @ 200-300 level (intermediate to low advanced). Study at language institutes unaffiliated with a university is limited to summer and winter break unless approved for exception by the Department of Languages and Linguistics. During Fall and Spring semesters, students are advised to seek out university exchange programs that provide intensive language study.

Faculty-Led Programs

A faculty-led program is an academic program, typically one to five weeks, which takes place partially or entirely at a location outside the United States. The course may be new, adapted and/or condensed in order to take advantage of the opportunities of the international setting. Programs can range in length according to the faculty and departmental goals. When planning a course, consideration should be given to the locale, the content area and the learning objectives. Lecture, site visits, readings and fieldwork should be integrated in the program in order to enrich the academic experience.

Participating students must be enrolled at New Mexico State University. The goal of the faculty-led program is to provide all qualified New Mexico State University students with the opportunity to participate in a study abroad experience.

International Student Teaching Program

Complete your pre-service teaching licensure through study abroad in Latin America. Our placements sites accommodate all levels and content areas, including special education. Both Spanish and English-speaking internships are available.

The International Student Teaching Program at New Mexico State University offers a unique opportunity to gain a broader perspective and understanding of education and teaching in a cross-cultural immersion environment.

The NMSU International Student Teaching Program (ISTP), housed in the College of Education’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, provides interested undergraduate students the opportunity to teach in an international educational setting. The programs objectives are:
• to enhance student’s cross-cultural skills and knowledge
• to introduce students to the varied educational systems serving different countries
• to facilitate students’ language skills acquisition

A long-term goal of the program is to have returning students bring their new skills, knowledge and understanding of global education to classrooms, schools and communities in the United States.

Teaching Licensure

Undergraduate and graduate students may complete their student teaching requirement for licensure through their participation in the ISTP.

For more information about the International Student Teaching Program, please contact Dr. James (Jim) O’Donnell in the College of Education. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is located in O’Donnell Hall, Room 122.

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